Some Of Our Recently
Completed Projects

  • 71 Brewing

    A 20 hl plant installed in an old flax mill building in the heart of Dundee. As Dundee’s first brewery for 50 years, 71 is reviving the lost art of brewing in Scotland’s fourth city. Crafting crisp lagers and seasonal beers inspired by traditional European classics and progressive new world flavours. Our goal is to make beers packed with flavour and character, both sessionable and familiar, funky and weird, but most importantly, with balance and consistency. We always strive to make beer you will want to drink again and again.

    Beers: Dundonian Pilsner, 4.4%Alc., Ferrous Red Munich Dunkel, 4.8% Alc.; Heart of Blackness Baltic Porter, 5.8%Alc.


  • Loxley Brewery

    A 4 Brl Brewery sited underneath the Wisewood Inn, Loxley Road, Sheffield. Fabricated locally by Northern Fabrications Ltd to designs from Brewing Services ltd. In mid 2017 work started in the newly extended basement of the pub to create a purpose-built brewery and brewing commenced in early 2018.


    Beers: WW1, WW2, WW3, WW4………………


  • Cold Town Beer


    A 25 hl plant built in an old garage building close to the heart of Edinburgh and commissioned in December 2018. Cold Town Beer is now pouring in 13 bars and restaurants across Scotland. That’s 9 in Edinburgh, 3 in Glasgow and 1 in St Andrews.

    Beers: Cold Town Lager, 4.0%Alc


  • Cold Town House



    With a 500 litre micro brewery situated on the top floor of this historic Church, Cold Town House was born out of a desire to restore brewing traditions in the Grassmarket with an offering that is as varied and innovative as current trends inspire, without all the pomp and hipster lingo. So, welcome to the new home of Cold Town Beer, a beer that defies pretentious pre-conceptions, embraces all the definitions of craft, a serious beer for laid-back people.

    Beers: Many and varied and changing weekly



  • Bellfield Brewery




    Having been cuckoo brewed for a number of years, Bellfield is finally getting its own home with their 20 hl brewery due to commission in May 2019. Bellfield are a craft brewery with a mission: to create great tasting, gluten-free beer that anyone can drink. We are producing beer in the UK, in small batches, using traditional brewing methods combined with non-traditional ingredients; beers that can be enjoyed by both Coeliacs and the growing number of people who wish to avoid gluten in their diet. Bellfield was founded in Scotland by coeliacs.


    Beers: Bohemian Pilsner 4.5%Alc.; Lawless Village IPA, 4.5% Alc.; Session Ale, 3.8%Alc.; Craft Lager, 5.2%Alc.



  • Ainsty Ales, York

    A new 10 Brl brewplant based on a farm close to York. Current capacity: 30Brl, with space to increase.

    Beers: Flummoxed Farmer 3.8% Wankled Waggoner, 4.2% Chocolate Town Porter, 4.4%

  • BrewYork, York

    Installed a 10Brl plant within the city walls of York. The site also houses a bar and visitor centre.

    Beers: American Pale Ale 5.0%, Viking Smoked Porter 5.1%

  • Reunion Ales, Feltham, London

    Installed a 10Brl plant in an industrial unit in South London. Four fermenters and four conditioning tanks.

    Beers: Opening Gambit 3.8%, Frost Fair 4.5%.

  • Redemption Brewery, Tottenham, London

    Initially installed a 12Brl plant in an industrial unit in North London in January 2010, now upgraded to a 30Brl plant.

    Beers: Trinity 3.0%, Pale 3.8%, Urban Dusk 4.5%, Big Chief IPA 6%.

  • Wold Top Brewery, East Riding.

    Upgraded from a 20 Brl to a 40 Brl plant in an agricultural building on an arable estate, using the farm’s own barley and water.

    Beers: Wold Top Bitter 3.7%, Wold Gold 4.8%, Scarborough Fair IPA 6.0%.

  • Fyne Ales, Cairndow, Argyll

    Upgraded from a 10 Brl to a 40 Brl plant in an existing agricultural building on a Highlands estate, including installing a bespoke effluent treatment plant.

    Beers: Jarl 3.8%, Maverick 4.2%, Highlander 4.8%.

  • Colgan’s Brewery, Mouans-Sartoux, France

    A 15hl brewery, bottling line and kegging plant installed in an industrial unit and supplying beer to pubs and bars along the French Riviera.

    Beers: Pirate Pale Ale 5.0%, Siren Pilsner 5.0%, Hop Buckler IPA 6.5%

  • Ramsbury Brewery, Marlborough, Wiltshire

    Part of the Ramsbury Estates, the farm’s own barley is used in this 30 Brl bespoke plant, housed in a purpose-built brewery.

    Beers: Flint Knapper 4.2%, Ramsbury Gold 4.5%, Silver Pig Stout 4.7%.

  • Mantle Brewery, Cardigen, Ceridigion, Wales

    Based in an industrial unit with a refurbished 12 Brl plant. Two fermenters and three conditioning tanks with room to expand.

    Beers: Rock Steady 3.8%, Cwrw Teifi 4.2%, Porter 4.3%.

  • West Mayo Brewery, Castlecary, Co Mayo.

    A 5 Brl plant in a purpose built brewery. Three brews per week and conditioning tanks for maturation prior to kegging.

    Beers: 3C Gold 4.0%, Sunset Bay Red 4.0%, Porter 4.2%.

  • Purple Moose Brewery, Porthmadog, Gwynedd.

    Upgraded from a 12 Brl to a 30 Brl plant in the same building, but increased capacity from 60 Brl to 150 Brl per week.

    Beers: Snowdonia Ale 3.6%, Madog Ale 3.8%, Glaslyn 4.2%, Dark Side of the Moose 5.3%.

  • Straathbraan Brewery, Amulree, Perthshire.

    A purpose-built 10 Brl brewery housed in a new agricultural building, producing three 10 Brl brews per week with space to increase capacity in the future.

    Beers: Due South 3.8%, Look West 4.0%, Head East 4.2%.

  • Treboom Brewery, Shipton, N. Yorks.

    A purpose-built 10 Brl plant in a newly built craft workshop development, producing three 10 Brl brews per week with space to increase capacity in the future.

    Beers: Drum Beat 3.8%, Baron Saturday Porter 5.2%.

  • Box Steam Brewery Ltd, Holt, Wiltshire.

    The brewery increased capacity and replaced their 10 Brl plant with a 50 Brl plant in a refurbished industrial unit a few miles from the original brewery. It now has a capacity of 150 Brl per week.

    Beers: Tunnel Vision 4.2%, Piston Broke, 4.5%, Derail Ale, 5.2%

  • Born in the Borders Brewery, Jedburgh.

    A 10 Brl brewplant in a listed farm building. The brewery has a purpose-designed effluent treatment plant to allow discharge direct to the nearby river.

    Beers: Foxy Blonde 3.8%, Game Bird 4.3%, Dark Horse 4.5%

  • Sinclair Breweries, Cawdor, Inverness (Orkney Brewery).

    A complete re-build of the brewery on Orkney, housing a new 30 Brl brewplant, new fermenting room and cask racking facilities. The new brewery also incorporates a visitor centre and viewing platforms.