Some Of Our Recently
Completed Projects

  • Ainsty Ales, York

    A new 10 Brl brewplant based on a farm close to York. Current capacity: 30Brl, with space to increase.

    Beers: Flummoxed Farmer 3.8% Wankled Waggoner, 4.2% Chocolate Town Porter, 4.4%

  • Windmill Brewery, Wigan

    A new 10 Brl brewery with on-site bar housed in an agricultural building, producing up to two 10 Brl brews per week with space to increase capacity in the future.

    Beers: Deckhand Pale 3.7%, Anderson Bitter 4.4%.

  • BrewYork, York

    Installed a 10Brl plant within the city walls of York. The site also houses a bar and visitor centre.

    Beers: American Pale Ale 5.0%, Viking Smoked Porter 5.1%

  • Reunion Ales, Feltham, London

    Installed a 10Brl plant in an industrial unit in South London. Four fermenters and four conditioning tanks.

    Beers: Opening Gambit 3.8%, Frost Fair 4.5%.

  • Redemption Brewery, Tottenham, London

    Initially installed a 12Brl plant in an industrial unit in North London in January 2010, now upgraded to a 30Brl plant.

    Beers: Trinity 3.0%, Pale 3.8%, Urban Dusk 4.5%, Big Chief IPA 6%.

  • Wold Top Brewery, East Riding.

    Upgraded from a 20 Brl to a 40 Brl plant in an agricultural building on an arable estate, using the farm’s own barley and water.

    Beers: Wold Top Bitter 3.7%, Wold Gold 4.8%, Scarborough Fair IPA 6.0%.

  • Fyne Ales, Cairndow, Argyll

    Upgraded from a 10 Brl to a 40 Brl plant in an existing agricultural building on a Highlands estate, including installing a bespoke effluent treatment plant.

    Beers: Jarl 3.8%, Maverick 4.2%, Highlander 4.8%.

  • Colgan’s Brewery, Mouans-Sartoux, France

    A 15hl brewery, bottling line and kegging plant installed in an industrial unit and supplying beer to pubs and bars along the French Riviera.

    Beers: Pirate Pale Ale 5.0%, Siren Pilsner 5.0%, Hop Buckler IPA 6.5%

  • Ramsbury Brewery, Marlborough, Wiltshire

    Part of the Ramsbury Estates, the farm’s own barley is used in this 30 Brl bespoke plant, housed in a purpose-built brewery.

    Beers: Flint Knapper 4.2%, Ramsbury Gold 4.5%, Silver Pig Stout 4.7%.

  • Mantle Brewery, Cardigen, Ceridigion, Wales

    Based in an industrial unit with a refurbished 12 Brl plant. Two fermenters and three conditioning tanks with room to expand.

    Beers: Rock Steady 3.8%, Cwrw Teifi 4.2%, Porter 4.3%.

  • West Mayo Brewery, Castlecary, Co Mayo.

    A 5 Brl plant in a purpose built brewery. Three brews per week and conditioning tanks for maturation prior to kegging.

    Beers: 3C Gold 4.0%, Sunset Bay Red 4.0%, Porter 4.2%.

  • Purple Moose Brewery, Porthmadog, Gwynedd.

    Upgraded from a 12 Brl to a 30 Brl plant in the same building, but increased capacity from 60 Brl to 150 Brl per week.

    Beers: Snowdonia Ale 3.6%, Madog Ale 3.8%, Glaslyn 4.2%, Dark Side of the Moose 5.3%.

  • Straathbraan Brewery, Amulree, Perthshire.

    A purpose-built 10 Brl brewery housed in a new agricultural building, producing three 10 Brl brews per week with space to increase capacity in the future.

    Beers: Due South 3.8%, Look West 4.0%, Head East 4.2%.

  • Treboom Brewery, Shipton, N. Yorks.

    A purpose-built 10 Brl plant in a newly built craft workshop development, producing three 10 Brl brews per week with space to increase capacity in the future.

    Beers: Drum Beat 3.8%, Baron Saturday Porter 5.2%.

  • Box Steam Brewery Ltd, Holt, Wiltshire.

    The brewery increased capacity and replaced their 10 Brl plant with a 50 Brl plant in a refurbished industrial unit a few miles from the original brewery. It now has a capacity of 150 Brl per week.

    Beers: Tunnel Vision 4.2%, Piston Broke, 4.5%, Derail Ale, 5.2%

  • Born in the Borders Brewery, Jedburgh.

    A 10 Brl brewplant in a listed farm building. The brewery has a purpose-designed effluent treatment plant to allow discharge direct to the nearby river.

    Beers: Foxy Blonde 3.8%, Game Bird 4.3%, Dark Horse 4.5%

  • Sinclair Breweries, Cawdor, Inverness (Orkney Brewery).

    A complete re-build of the brewery on Orkney, housing a new 30 Brl brewplant, new fermenting room and cask racking facilities. The new brewery also incorporates a visitor centre and viewing platforms.