Our mission is to help establish breweries with a complete commitment to quality, promote excellence throughout the brewing process, assist brewers in producing beers of the highest possible standard and train brewers to achieve their full potential.

In the last forty years, we have seen the emergence of almost 2,000 small independent breweries, with more coming on stream every year as the demand for well-crafted beers with greater depth and dimension of flavour grows. These breweries, and indeed their brewers, start up with great passion and enthusiasm, but often demonstrate little in the way of skill or expertise, when it comes to brewing consistently good beer. David started his consultancy service in 1988, offering advice and technical support to these rapidly emerging independent brewers. Brewing Services Ltd was born.

Brewing Services has worked with over 200 breweries both in the UK and abroad. The goal is to provide ongoing technical support to help brewers consistently produce the best beer possible, in tandem with training, to further develop each brewer’s potential. This includes The Fundamentals of Mini-Brewing, a four-day residential training course which covers the basics of good brewing practice, with participants gaining greater insight into the art, science and craft of brewing.