News Update

It continues to be very busy around the UK micro-brewing scene with new breweries starting up almost daily and existing independent breweries such as Peak Ales, Redemtion Leeds brewery and Wold Top, plus many more increasing brew length size and output by over 100%, and things show no sign of slowing down in 2017.

So despite the fact that there are so many breweries, and thousands of new beer brands, the micro-brewing industry continues to flourish and there is still unprecedented demand for the beers produced by these breweries.

What will always continue to be important is beer quality. Whilst just having great beer quality alone does not sell beer undoubtedly without good, consistently high quality, products a brewery will struggle to hold on to its customers.

We hear all the time that pubs are closing down, which is true and boarded up pubs can be seen up and down the UK, what we do not hear so much about are the numbers of new pubs, bars and restraunts that are opening up, and are opening up to selling cask ale, which is why cask ale sales are continuing to grow year on year. Also there is growth in the craft keg market in certain areas more usually in well populated town centres and this market volume whilst still presently quite small may well continue to grow as does the bottle beer market and more frequently exports to Europe and further afield.

So with breweries continuing to do well and beer volumes continuing to grow there is still room in the market place for new breweries and it has never been a better time to be a brewer or a drinker