Company Profile

Drawing on almost 50 years of combined brewing and QA expericance Brewing Services & Consultancy Ltd provides a comprehensive service for all your brewing, Quality Assurance and training needs.

Our comapny philosophy is to help establish breweries with a complete commitment to quality, promoting excellence throughout the brewing process, assisting brewers in producing beers of the highest possible standard and training new brewers to reach their full potential.

David Smith has been working as a Consultant Brewer since 1988. Prior to starting his own consultancy service, he trained as a brewer and worked for 12 years at Samuel Smith's Brewery in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, first as a Production Brewer and then as Quality Control Brewer. He became a Diploma qualified member of the Institute of Brewing & Distilling in 1978 and became a Fellow of the IBD in October 1999. Brewing Services is an Associate Member of the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) and David was formerly the Technical Director and a Trustee of SIBA for many years.

Rob Smith has worked in brewing for the past six years, after gaining a Master's degree in Biology. He gained experience of traditional cask ale brewing as Assistant Brewer at Dartmoor Brewery before becoming Second Brewer at Freedom Brewery, one of the pioneers of craft lager in the UK. More recently, he spent 3 years as QA Brewer at Meantime Brewery, London's second largest brewery and arguably the largest craft brewer in the UK.

Are you thinking about starting a micro brewery? Are you currently looking at premises in which to locate your brewery or looking to find the right type of brewing equipment to suit your needs? Let us help. Before you ever brew your first pint of beer, through our Start-up Consultancy, we can help you produce a better beer from day one. Starting with our on-site Brewery Project Review to help answer all your initial questions and highlight any issues there may be with the building or the project as a whole, we can help you going forward with every stage of the development of your brewery from planning to completion - and beyond.

Once you are up and running, or if you have already started your brewery, we aim to provide you with full technical back-up whenever you may need it through our Brewing & Qa Consultancy. This provides you with that extra tier of knowledge, expertise and experiance gained over many years to helpmyou over come those inevitable day to day problems. As well as being able to contact us via phone or email th the Brewing & Qa Consultancy is designed around regular on-site Brewing surveys undertaken throughout the year, combined with complete with full microbiological and analytical checks on brewplant and products. This will help ensure the beer you are producing is always in first class condition and of the highest possible quality.

If you require training for you, or your staff, we offer full on-site training, complete with background knowledge, on all the important aspects of the brewing process and we will provide mentoring to you or your staff who may wish to study for and take proffessional brewing exams.

If you want to really learn and understand more about the fundamental theory that underpins the brewing process then the twice yearly 'Fundamentals of Mini-Brewing' Course is for you. If you are having the occasional technical difficulties or simply want to optimise your beer quality and brewing regimes we offer a complete Brewery Optimisation Package to look into every aspect of your brewing operation. We will help you to get the optimum performance from your brewplant, produce the best quality products and solve those everyday brewing problems.

Once in a while you might want to take that much needed break for a week or two in the sun but are worried about leaving the brewery in the hands of unqualified staff.

Our locum brewing service will allow you to get away and have a complete rest and relax confident that your brewery is in safe hands.No matter what your needs we will always do our best to help with every aspect of your brewing operation. The following pages give full details of every aspect of our consultancy and training services. If you prefer to save time then simply phone or e-mail us directly and we will be happy to discuss our services with you in more detail.